How To Freelance Web Scraping ? and What is it ?

Want to be a freelancer in technology or IT or database, you can start it as a web scraper. You don’t need to have  excellent programming skill or learn to be a web scraper. What you have to do is collecting the data from the website. So, how to freelance web scrapping? 

So, what is ...

8 Tips to Grow Your Clients as a Freelancer

If you currently you are a freelancer either or have been doing it for years, you’re most likely aiming to secure consistent work and progressively make more money over time. You can do it by grow your clients as a freelancer.  Therefore, it’s important to be stand out on the job market...

How To Build a Strong and Creative Remote Working Team?

The pandemic has accelerated remote working.  As it forced many  countries to lockdown. So, many companies are working from home. With the  advanced technology and internet the company also can hire many talents from many countries to work remotely. Besides that, 

Watch Out Work From Home Can Also Make you Burn Out

Remote work has been on the rise, especially during pandemic.  But remote work isn’t the only thing that has been on the rise. Burnout is hitting an all time high.  

What is...