The Remote Work, The New Reality for Pandemic Era That Fresh Grads Must Prepare For

The coronavirus pandemic upended thousands of 2020 college graduates' career plans last year in USA, so how does the job market for the class of 2021 look now? In a nutshell, there have been fewer prospects around the world in the last year, despite most business shifting to The Remote Work as The New Reality for ...

High Demand Skills for A Freelance Web Designer   

  The increase of digital life makes the website becomes essential for a business and build a portfolio.¬†¬† Along with that, the needs of the web designer also increase.¬† There are a lot of freelance out there. But, have you wonder. Why some freelance web designers got more clients while others only get a few?

The most popular classes as a freelancer

The crisis on the job offer market and the slow tendency showing that it is increasingly difficult to find a dream job brings many people to one application - or maybe just open your own business and work as a freelancer? You can read about the dark and light sides of such work  . If you already know the pros and cons of this type of jo...

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