How Is AI Affecting the Future of Web Design?

AI in web design will play a significant role in the uncertain and technologically advanced future. With the capabilities of this innovative technology, most industry verticals are becoming more reliable, affordable, and quicker. Here is a list of statistics that demonstrate AI's potential:

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The Potential Highest Paying Freelance Jobs in 2021

If you have a plan to be a freelancer, either full time or part-time, and you must check this list of 5 Potential Highest Paying Freelance Jobs 2021. Without ignoring your passion you can use this list as your consideration. 

High Demand Skills for A Freelance Web Designer   

  The increase of digital life makes the website becomes essential for a business and build a portfolio.   Along with that, the needs of the web designer also increase.  There are a lot of freelance out there. But, have you wonder. Why some freelance web designers got more clients while others only get a few?

How to Calculate Freelance Web Developer Cost

There are a lot of web developers at various prices and skills. The price of web developer rates depends on the project, their expertise, and even where they live. Some developers charge $20,000 per website, while others scrape by at $30 per hour. It all ...

The most popular classes as a freelancer

The crisis on the job offer market and the slow tendency showing that it is increasingly difficult to find a dream job brings many people to one application - or maybe just open your own business and work as a freelancer? You can read about the dark and light sides of such work  . If you already know the pros and cons of this type of job, m...