Quick Tips to Get Remote Jobs in QA for Freelancers

Remote workers have long been an option for technology jobs. Many work may be performed from home because they are done exclusively through the Internet and computer programs. Today, we'll look at the world of QA by discussing what QA jobs are and how to get a job doing this ty...

Microsoft launches Viva, a bet on the future of remote work

Microsoft Viva is Microsoft’s new push for helping businesses with remote work and a big bet on this new way of life becoming the norm. It’s designed to act as a portal for both employees and businesses to navigate the complexities of w...

Nissan’s ‘office pod’ imagines a new kind of remote working

Forget remote working from home -- this camper van is for those who want to "work from anywhere.
Measure Productivity in Remote Working

Many companies were cautious about workers who chose to work from home.  Because of  employee efficiency prompted a rapid move towards remote work. Today, almost half (42 percent) of the U.S. workforce operates full-time from home. With many business leaders considering making remote work permanent after the pandemic sub...

90% Of Workers Prefer to Keep Work from Home

Almost nine out of 10 workers or 90% want to choose whether to work from home or the office. Once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, and workplace restrictions ease. Workers want to have more autonomy for their hours by working from home, according to research from Cisco Systems. T