This Time-Tracking App Is a Must-Have Tool for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Alike

This Time-Tracking App Is a Must-Have Tool for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Alike

Time management is critical for entrepreneurs. You don’t have unlimited hours in the day, so if you have to delegate tasks or reprioritize, it’s valuable to know exactly how you spend your time throughout the day. But looking at the clock every few minutes is not foolproof. Instead, believe that Timemator 2 is the ultimate source and reason for your time.

Timemator 2 is designed to simplify timing. Working on a Mac, Timemator automatically tracks everything you do and provides you with a simple breakdown at the end of the day so you can see how much time it takes to work on a particular task. You can create your own rules on some applications and set time limits, so Timemator will notify you if you spend more time than is allocated to any task. If you need more time than expected, you can manually add a timing session or edit an existing timing session. You need to think about how you’re going to allocate your work time, tweak your workflow, and better manage your day.

If you’re freelancing or working by the hour, Timemator also lets you easily calculate your task income. Simply set your hourly rate and the Timemator will calculate as you go, giving you an idea of how much you earn for the day. Timemator also enables you to organize folders and tasks as easily as using files in the Finder, keeping you in sync with all your projects throughout the day. It can even be backed up automatically, so you never lose what you’re working on.

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