7 Best Languages to use for Web Development in 2021

7 Best Languages to use for Web Development in 2021

As some people hear about web development, they are advised to start with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) but to confuse them with programming languages. 

In reality, HTML and CSS are markup languages used for the creation of electronic documents (or pages) and the design of websites. Whereas, web programming languages are more complex and can be separated into two categories: Languages for back-end and front-end site creation.

We would like to equip you with basic skills in web development – so let’s see what are the most popular languages to use in 2021!

1. PHP

PHP is the Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a scripting language that is primarily used on the server side of plain, interactive websites and web apps, usually Drupal, WordPress, Flickr or Facebook. PHP web creation has supported a range of free and open-source plugins, including.NET, Apache or Bzip2, as well as access to numerous databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and others.

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However, according to Hired’s 2021 report, PHP is one of the “least loved coding languages” because it’s not fun to program in. Indeed, in comparison with others, PHP proves to be a little out-of-date even though its iterations have been released for improvement.

2. Python

Unlike PHP, Python is the most popular programming language (Hired, 2021). 44 percent of the software engineers surveyed used Python; this number took second place only after JavaScript. Python has a high degree of use in numerous IT sub-fields (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Computer Learning or Video Games) and, in particular, in the science field, since vocabulary enables the processing of analytical evidence and the aggregation of related datasets.

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In the world of webs, Python is one of the best back-end web development languages and Python web development projects such as Spotify or Instagram uses the Django platform written in that language. 

While processing is faster than PHP, Python’s pace is still slower than C/C++ and Java. So the language is not adapted to real-time applications, smartphone apps or memory-intensive apps.

3. Java

Related to Python, Java is also a favorite scripting language with 38% of global customers, according to Employed, owing to its well-maintained libraries and web frameworks. Java is an open-source and object-oriented language that has a good reputation for reliability. 

Because of these properties, Java is more difficult to understand, and beginners are likely to struggle with long-winded and complicated codes if they wish to launch their career in this language. Also, the small-scale Java web applications creation process is barely ongoing.

4. C#

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C#, or pronounced C sharp, is itself multi-purpose and object-oriented. Similar to Java, it has good typing and is autonomous on platforms due to CLR (Common Language Runtime – a virtual machine for running any.NET programs). Software developers may see certain parallels in the syntax of C# and C++ or Java, e.g. semicolons to terminate the declaration or Curly brackets to the method or class-based category statements.

5. C++

C++ has contributed to the creation of a variety of popular websites, such as Google, Twitter or Amazon. As one of the oldest programming languages in the world, C++ certainly has a large support group and a large range of libraries to offer extra features. Plus the simplicity of studying C++, thanks to its succinct language of just 60 keywords, is still very common.

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C++ is commonly used to create desktop applications, video games, e-commerce servers, although its web development framework is ranked lower than JavaScript or Java.

6. Ruby

When you learn of Ruby on Rails web creation, some people always think of Ruby as an abbreviation of Ruby on Rails. But the latter is essentially a common web platform written in Ruby, with standard Airbnb, GitHub or CodeAcademy projects. 

The syntax of Ruby is comparatively close to that of Python and Perl and very versatile. While this allows Ruby to be easy for coders to learn, it can easily create volatile run-time bugs that are hard to debug.

7. Javascript

In this list, JavaScript is the only language that represents both the server and the client side. Like HTML and CSS, JavaScript plays a crucial role in scripting the user-friendly and immersive front end of most websites, regardless of size and complexity. In several polls of Stack Overload, GitHub and Employed, thus, it remains its leading position in the top widely used coding languages.

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