How it works

How it works

How to Create a Freelancer Profile on Flexgigzz

After signing up as a freelancer, you need to create a Flexer (freelancer) profile before creating a Gigzz and getting hired for freelance work and jobs online.  You can watch this video tutorial on how to create your Flexer profile.

Wait for a few minutes before clicking “resend confirmation email”.  If that doesn’t work, you can try to use another email address. You must validate your email address before you can look for any freelance work online on our website.

No. Registration as a Flexer/Freelancer on Flexgigzz is Free.

Find “profile videos” and upload your video portfolio in any video type.

How does a Freelancer Create a Gigzz

To create your Gigzz (Gig) and find freelance work on Flexgigzz platform,  you can  go to “Manage Services” and choose “Post a  service”.  You can also follow our step-by-step video tutorial to create a Gigzz.

“Service Delivery” is the time that you need to finish  your freelance work / freelance order, while “Service Response Time” is to let the employers know how long will you take to respond to the employer’s queries.

As a Flexer, you can post many gigzz as you want without any limitations, in order to find as many freelance work / freelance jobs as possible.

Yes. Go to menu and select “Manage Services”, then click on “Posted Service” and choose the Action for the gigs that you want to edit.

How to Create an Employer Profile on Flexgigzz

After signing up as an employer, you need to create an employer profile before posting a job to search for freelancers to do your freelance work. You can watch this video tutorial to learn how to complete your employer profile.

Employers that complete their profile will make them trustable. It will attract qualified professional freelancers to your freelance project and as a result, you will have good talent to accomplish your required freelance work.

No. Registration as an Employer on Flexgigzz is Free.

Company’s profile can be added in the “Description” box with more information that you want the Flexers to read.

How to Post a Freelance Work / Job on Flexgizz

To post a freelance job on Flexgigzz, make sure you sign in as an employer account and have completed your profile.  Then, go to “Manage Jobs” and click “Post a Job”. You can also watch a step-by-step video tutorial to learn how to post your freelance work requirements on our website.

If your project is urgent, you can fill up the “Deadline Date” to let the freelancer know how urgent is your freelance project. However, if it is a routine freelance job, you can leave it blank. The “Project Expiry Date” is the estimated date that the freelance job is expected to end.

Yes, you can edit your posted freelance job after it is posted. You can go to “Profile” section, click “Posted Jobs” and select the “edit” button to edit the freelance job details and requirements.

Flexgigzz uses US Dollar for all freelance projects, gigs and payments.