How to make sure Customer’s Security & Privacy are protected for a Startup

How to make sure Customer’s Security & Privacy are protected for a Startup

When you’re a startup, there are things that need your attention. You have to send your hundred percent (even more!) to operate successfully and efficiently with minimal resources.¬†

Unfortunately, the importance of application security’s always placed in the back of the to-do list. Another excuse to neglect the website’s security may be your presumption that only big companies are vulnerable to data breaches, and your start-up is barely visible as a threat.

How would cyber breaches impact your startup?

If you belong to the group of computer protection startups who are well aware of the value of a secure web interface, your startup will face the dire repercussions of a cyber attack:

  • Loss of important and sensitive client, employee, third party and business data
  • Systems downtime, resulting in job loss and corporate productivity
  • Financial setback attributable to loss of sales or post cyber-attack response spending
  • Possibility of administrative litigation or fines for failing to comply with web application security mechanisms
  • Loss to credibility in the eyes of consumers, partners and, most critically, investors
    Closing of company

How to create an effective plan for Application Security Protection?

Now that you know that your start-up is as vulnerable as big companies to security threats, here are the proactive actions you need to take to mitigate the risks:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Cyber Attack Styles

The number of forms of cyber attacks continues to expand, with new security attacks emerging every year. This will help you understand the possible security vulnerability areas of your startup and develop a detailed roadmap for a stable web app.

2. Promoting a culture of cyber security among employees

Poor passwords, use of company/BYOD devices on public wi-fi spots, following company guidelines on cyber security.

Also important to make the workers aware of the importance of application security through regular dedicated training programmes. Take strict disciplinary to not promote a lax approach to the cyber protection of your startup.

3. Put the Data Access Authorization Limit

Even if you’re working with a small team in your startup, the possibility of data loss or theft is very likely, particularly if you’re working remotely across various geographical locations.

You need to ensure that access to sensitive or confidential information is limited to the people who need it to do their job. You can also set different levels of data access authorization/permission, depending on how sensitive the data is.

4. Conduct Rigorical Compliance Testing

Security testing is one of the strongest preventive steps to find all potential vulnerabilities, flaws, risks and threats in your application in four focus areas:

  • Network Security
  • System Software Security
  • Client-Side Application Security
  • Server-Side Application Security

Security testing tests the application at various levels, such as vulnerability scanning, security scanning, penetration testing, and risk evaluation. If any bugs are found, it is easy for developers to repair them by coding.

5. Create a plan for incident and failure to react

There is always the risk of loopholes. Such situations call for a plan to respond to an incident and failure.

It sets out the course of action that your workers must take when a security breach occurs. This will help you avoid, contain and monitor the problem without wasting any time. If you haven’t taken the security value of the application seriously, it’s time for you to act promptly.

A time stitch saves nine. Security of application and data security policies for customers are no different.

Source: The Hacker News


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