Job Detail

Remote Data Coordinator ( Hourly paid )

  • Job typeJob type: Remote
  • Job DurationLess than a month
  • Project LevelBasic Level
  • Project deadlineExpired
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Project detail

The position requires a proactive self-starter who can analyze large data sets in Microsoft Excel. The position also requires the ability to take on side projects and ad hoc reporting assignments in order to continually improve site data and performance. Paid range 10 usd – 15 usd per hour.

Job Descriptions :

  • Complete regular data audits and updates internal database when audit uncovers incorrect data
  • Work with partners to develop strategy for using data to gain insight into, and recommend next steps for best user experience
  • Parse data with Excel, Google Sheets, or similar software
  • Seek out and identify new data sources, report to higher management

Requirements :

  • Some operational experience
  • Microsoft Excel skills and ability to learn more
  • Tech-savvy with critical thinking skills
  • Ability to self-manage and self-motivate
  • Have own computer and fast internet connection
  • Problem-solving skills, fast response
  • Ability to work on and prioritize multiple projects
  • Driven to be accurate, attention to detail
  • Fast learner and passionate
  • Comfortable with repetitive tasks

Skills Required

Languages required

Freelancer type required for this project