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Social Media Manager

  • Job typeJob type: Remote
  • Job Duration01 to 03 months
  • Project LevelMedium Level
  • Project deadlineExpired
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Project detail

Social Media Management needed for our business.

Grow Brand through Social Media Marketing:


- post creative and eye catching posts with branded logo. 

- create attractive content for each posts and targeted #tags.

- Increase Followers and find out the interested people and follow them so they can follow back.

- Daily Posts

Overall increase the visitors to website and increase social media followers. 
Provide marketing strategies that will grow the accounts reach and visibility and differentiate you among your competitors.
Currently have Instagram & Pinterest accounts. 
Need advice on which social media platforms would be best for this business.

Skills Required

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Freelancer type required for this project

Project Completion deadline

March 31, 2021