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? Gaming Copywriter/Content Writing ?


Business owner and Webmaster… You could write it all yourself.

But who has the time and patience to create content that gamers want to read… And then properly optimize it all?

And if you’re the one writing your content, who’s left running your business?


Leave the boring and complex task of creating high-quality, money-producing content to me.

Forget about big words and overly technical content.
I create content that is concise, to the point… And most importantly, that it GENERATES SALES!

Here you’ll find over 7 different types of Copy that I will produce for you (As I produced for WhatCulture, company, company):

– Articles / Guest-posts / Press-releases
– Guides
– News
– Reviews
– TOP Lists
– Scripts
– Product/Services Copywriting (Sales letters, Web pages)

Why us? Why not others?

1) All content written has the highest possible standard. Original, converting, entertaining, informative, and thoroughly researched.

2) $0.02 /word, with no minimum-order limit.

3) Lighting-fast delivery/turn around time (48 hours).

4) Proper tone and style (We understand gamers because we are Gamers ourselves!)

5) Edit/Proofread made by professionals (Clean Grammar – No Typos) and 100% Free of Plagiarism.

6) Best possible service (We’ll never leave you in the dark: 24/7 support).

You might be thinking hiring a Native English Speaker/Writer with 5+ Years of experience would be too expensive… Think Again.

With me and DFY Gaming (My company), you’ll see TANGIBLE RESULTS, in SHORT-TIME, without having to go broke investing in your Business.

Is this what you want, my friend?… What you got to lose?

Hit me up, and I’ll provide you FREE Consulting (with no obligation to BUY).