Service Detail

B2B Sales & CX


As a business owner, ask yourself:
“How can my products/services ‘transform’ the lives of my customers?”

In today’s digital era, there has never been more important to truly empathize with your prospective customers and humanize the business relationships.
With increasing awareness of the power of information available on the internet, your competitive edge lies on how you make impact on your customers’ lives.

Before the advent of internet, prospects used to reach out to salespeople to seek info AND the salespeople has the control on influencing them to buy ASAP.

NOW, the power has shifted to the customers’ hands!
They don’t wanna be sold to, they want to be educated to help ’em on their buying decision.

To counter that, I will help you drive awareness about your brand & make sales by connecting to qualified buyers that will benefit from your products/services.

Equipped with knowledge, scripts, strategies and mindset, my mission as a Sales professional is to help prospects, suspects and customers on solving their problems and establish mutually beneficial client relationships.

I identify, qualify, diagnose, consult & nurture business relationships with your (prospective) customers all throughout the customers buying journey.

But before jumping into the ocean, I want to know more about your business!

What solutions do you offer?
How can they benefit from your offer?
Who are your potential buyers?
What’s your USP?
Why should they buy from you over your competitors?

My approach is to diagnose a problem, position myself as an advisor rather than a pitcher & intentionally help your prospects realize their goals.

When it comes to extracting leads, I use tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator & other email permutation tools to target key people that are a good match to the services/products
I save time by collecting the leads using automation tools such as & put ’em all to the spreadsheet.
Prior to submission, I check the emails by using quickemailverification, Clearbit,, zerobounce & Rapportive+GMail to ensure less bounce rate.
Plus, I share the file(s) with the clients if they want to see the progress of my work.

Want more customers?
I will close deals in your behalf.