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HRMS / HRIS Application


Streamline the entire human resource management and recruitment process. It’s simple, it’s effective and it’s affordable. HRMS comprises of a wide range of modules for employees as well as for the organizations. It’s a useful tool for human resource department that allows them to view details of any employee working in the organization or those who worked in the past.
Leave, time, attendance of the employees and recruitment, training, performances, benefits, and other details all managed through one interface! Enable effective management of your crucial organization assets – employees or workforce that play a key role in the growth of your organization. MYZEAL can develop a perfect platform for re-engineering and align your HR processes along with the organizational objectives and goals.
Automation is what makes employee management system so useful for an organization. It helps in improvement of processes. Managers could access the system to generate reports about a particular employee based on various parameters like attendance, work hours, functions etc.
“Manage your organization, recruitment, and employees at your fingertips – on the go with HRMS/HRIS…