Service Detail

I will sing your Jingle Song


I will sing  your Jingle or your  sample song and make it sounds  really good   with mild baritone  sentimental  male voice.

The Price $50 is for song or jingle  with length maximum 3 minutes. If it is more than 3 minutes then it will charged more, you can see  the package on Addons Service.

What Client  Need to submit :

1. The song’s lyric

2. The song’s music in mp3 / Sample of  the song  in mp3

3. Story of the song,  is it  a ballad song or  groovy song

What I will give to client :

1. Pure voice recording  (without music) in mp3

2. Voice recording with music  in mp3

Revision : Maximum  two (2) times.

I hope I can sing your beautiful songs soon !



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