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I will make an unique 3d book promo or trailer video


3D book promotion video or Amazing Book Trailer Video

a trailer for a book or novel should be a short preview to illustrate how the book will keep the reader turning the pages. It is true that trailers work better for some titles than others. Books that have really powerful and broad images associated with them are obvious examples of dynamic presentations.

what can a book promo video do for you?

Of course, the dream is for your book promo video to go viral and sell millions of copies, but let’s talk about what’s actually in your control: It’s to build credibility for your platform as a writer and for your body of work. A professional book video shows that you are taking your work seriously and that you are a good storyteller across mediums.

Requirements: (Book Trailer)

  • Book Cover (Front, Back and Spine) If you don’t have Back cover and Spine I will Manage
  • Author Image
  • 3 short reviews or any text
  • 1 inside page
  • 1 Short quote
  • Price

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