Service Detail

I will professionally edit your podcast.


About this gig:

I will edit, mix and master your podcast to make it sound as best as it possibly can for streaming sites. I will add in any intro/outro/advert jingles you need me to add, I can also add music if you like. I will add vocal processing to your voice to make your sound great and master the final audio to give the listener the most pleasant experience possible!

Extras Available:

Advanced Audio Editing (Deep Scrub): I will go through your podcast episode with a fine tooth comb and cut any ums, AHS. I will cut out any dead space or awkward moments and improve the flow of your episode. I can also censor any swearing if you need me to do so.

Write Show Notes: Show notes will encourage the listener to click on the podcast, these are how potential listeners can know exactly what topics will be discussed without having to listen to the full episode.

Fast Delivery: 24hr delivery for your episode.

Please note this work is for personal use only, if you would like to resell my services you can purchase a commercial license to do so.