Service Detail

I’m Transcription Expert


I am a professional Legal Transcriber and General Transcriber. I have worked as a Transcriptionist for over 7 plus years. Previous services I provided were in the:

Real estate
Universities and Colleges
Authors among others.

I provide detailed, organized, proofed, spell check, format, and verbatim transcription. My turnaround time frame depending on the project is between 24/hrs to 72/hrs. I transcribed audio for groups, conferences, lectures and some have been inaudible. I still do my best to transcribe, unless it’s just not clear. All the transcription projects are sent over to the client to review and approve for editing/correction prior to finalizing the audio recording. My transcription will also include the correct punctuation unless specified differently. Lastly, I have also provided proofing services for legal transcribers as well.