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Podcast Show Notes


Show notes can be imperative to your podcast’s effectiveness in reaching a large audience. Notes that I write will catch your audience’s attention and make them feel like they can’t skip over your episodes. They will remain informed on the essentials and will have your podcast on their mind all week! Show notes are great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as search engines need text to expose your content to your target market. These notes will also help you describe your episodes to your audiences on social media, just copy and paste (tweaking may be needed) to your captions and posts!

Allow me to buckle down and perform the work that you may find tedious or that you just don’t have time for!

One episode per order please. Please contact me for bulk and custom orders!

Show notes will include:

  • A concise, yet captivating summary of what your podcast episode offers listeners
  • Key points & important information
  • Links and/or resources mentioned
  • About me/About guest, if you so choose
  • Keywords of your choosing
  • Call to action, if applicable
  • EXTRAS: Timestamps, Audiogram, Audio Limit Extension

Please specify any other information that you deem necessary.

Let’s create greatness!

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