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What is a proofreader in the least technical term?
It is the author’s last line of defense.

Language is a weapon. Imprecise language reduces a sharp sword to a blunt object.

The accuracy of language determines its impact on the reader. When grammatical imps manifest and the squadron of spelling bees guarding our pages go AWOL for whatever reason, when reading-fatigue casts us into oblivion, unable to recognize annoying word repetitions and difficult to read sentences, our audience is likely to dismiss our ideas. Accuracy builds trust.

My talent is to make a good thing better! Fast!
Because I love what I do, it does not even feel like work. Why? Because I note errors without looking for them, a trait, some say, is bordering on obsession. For a proofreader, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

I am here to polish your draft with eagle-eyed precision to the deadline you require.

Try it!

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