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Soccer Event Photo


Hi ! I am Conrado Serra as a male photo model will give you my best to  create a good quality picture. My signature is to create an expressive cheerful photo. So in this Soccer Event Photo  service you will  get my photos at the soccer event at Maracana stadium.  The Camera that I use is Canon EOS  M50, so its not just a mobile camera.

You can use my Soccer Event Photo¬† that I created for your marketing tools, such as brand, product, services and also for your social media content. I won’t share your picture with other clients, so it will solely become your property, but please don’t re sell my picture.

So here what will you get from this package

  1.  Three (3) photos at Maracana Stadium , you can ask how should I pose, as long as not nude. it can be half body, full body, from side or back.
  2. High Resolution photos
  3. You can ask me what wardrobe should I wear (as long as I have it)
  4.  No Revision

Your draft should include

  1. Pose of the photos or what expression you want me to have
  2. Portrait or panoramic view
  3. Wardrobe color that I should wear
  4. Your payment is include ticket price  to Maracana Stadium

Please  contact me first before placing an order. I need to know details about my client and the project so I can advise you how should I do my work.

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Soccer Event Photo