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Storyboard – Grocery Store


A script alone is not enough to impress
because it depends on imagination more than a novel.
——-Staff writer of Comic Vine, Mat Elfring says…..

1. No One Wants to Read Your Stuff
You could be the best writer in the world, but no one will ever know because no one wants to see your work unless you have an artist already on board.
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A Good, vivid, Storyboard would probably the key.
This is my plan for a Storyboard.

On the script I will underline and show you what I intend to draw.
You can remove the necessary and add the missing.
We will discuss, and would leave aside what is vague for now. We can insert a frame or a few later.
Then we decide on an approximate payment .
We will agree on a certain number of frames per week to submit..
We set up a Guru project.
Work begins.
I prepare myself for the project.
I may submit a set of thumbnails for the week ahead, for feedback.
I submit set by set weekly.
You collect the submissions and review.
You suggest the changes and send me also weekly.
We will make all the changes at a stretch at the end of the project.

Provide me anything which can guide me visually. Images, movies-Comic books etc which can help to set up a style, . It helps me to imagine what you intend and come close to your vision. In short lead me to the world of your vision and introduce your characters beyond your script helping me to cross the border of a mere reader and come close to your own vision to make THE storyboard as you require.

All the best.