8 Tips to Grow Your Clients as a Freelancer

8 Tips to Grow Your Clients as a Freelancer

If you currently you are a freelancer either new freelancer or have been doing it for years, you’re most likely aiming to secure consistent work and progressively make more money over time. You can do it by grow your clients as a freelancer. 

Therefore, it’s important to be stand out on the job market to attract more clients.  Being an independent freelancer means  you compete with other candidates across the globe — not just those in your city, state, region or country. 

So, here are the simple tips that will help your success as a freelancer   

Communication Skill

Excellent communication skills are vital in today’s workforce. Especially for freelancers. If You use a freelancing platform that lets you describe what you’re willing to do, charge, and delivery time you’ll probably encounter clients who want to know if you can go outside those parameters. 

It’s up to you to use your communication skills to set accurate expectations.  It’s better to tell a client right away that you can’t meet their needs rather than going too far outside of your abilities and generating subpar results. 

Stay Productive 

There are  various tricks  to maintain high productivity, you can figure out what works for you.  Freelancers must keep themselves motivated, and they usually don’t have on-site colleagues to hold them accountable for completing work on time. 

Try to break it down into manageable chunks if facing a nearly difficult challenge hinders your productivity. Tackle every section one by one, then. Determine which parts of the day you still feel most alert and engaged throughout. Then, if possible, try to complete the most daunting assignments. 

Feature Reviews on Freelancing Profiles or Website

Freelancing markets often show average user ratings. Working hard to get and sustain a five-star average is one way to stand out. That way, they’ll instantly note you’re among the best of the best as people click through the choices. 

You can ask your clients for review. If clients offer to write reviews of your services for your website, urge them to mention as many specifics as possible.   

When you add details about yourself on your website or a profile, highlight your positive feedback. For example, you could say, “58% of my clients have hired me again after my first assignment. 

Freelancer Review

Boost Your Portfolio

Scrutinize your portfolio and assess how to make it better. Update your portfolio regularly.  Choose a niche. Doing so conveys that you can do a few things well, rather than making people possibly assume that you can do lots of things but none of them well. 

Check out your portfolio samples and ensure they still showcase your best work. You can enhance the content by adding more variety or drawing attention to a project that won a competition.  

Think About New Markets

Don’t stick to one market that regularly use your service as example finance industry. Indded, it’s advantageous to have a niche. However, circumstances can change, making it necessary to see what other industries offer. Having that kind of flexibility will make you more adaptable, no matter what the future holds. You can also try other new freelance platform to widen your market. 


Show customers that for long-term jobs you are trustworthy enough to make them want to recruit you. While standing out from other candidates, doing so could help you earn a steady income. If you’re delivering top-quality, error-free work on time, customers would probably want to keep giving you jobs rather than giving anyone else a chance.

Update Your Resume

Your portfolio does not substitute your resume. As a supplement, handle it. Take care to use the correct language when you update the text. Do not forget to include voluntary work that is important, too. You may be a freelance web developer who took a voluntary position last summer to teach kids coding. Mentioning that means that you are excellent at describing things and have great interpersonal abilities.

Accept Feedback

It’s frustrating to submit a project you believe is right on the mark, then  the client wants sudden changes. Instead of immediately feeling upset and letting your disgruntled attitude show, make it obvious to the client that you care about taking their criticism into account and making the changes they request. 

Check that the feedback aligns with your original agreement, too. For example, if your client demands a new webpage they never mentioned before hiring you, that probably calls for negotiating a higher payment for the project. 

Source : justcreative.com