The Remote Work, The New Reality for Pandemic Era That Fresh Grads Must Prepare For

The coronavirus pandemic upended thousands of 2020 college graduates' career plans last year in USA, so how does the job market for the class of 2021 look now? In a nutshell, there have been fewer prospects around the world in the last year, despite most business shifting to The Remote Work as The New Reality for P...

Best Programming Language for Newbie to Learn  in 2021

You may be wondering which programming language to learn if you're trying to advance in your career or change careers entirely. After all, learning a language can take time and resources, so you want to make the best decision possible. You might questioning

Signs When Your Business Failed to adapt to Remote Work culture

You think that your remote staffs are autopilot and deadlines that you have set are coming.  However, despite all the reminder on calendar the staffs missed it.  You even think that you need to be firm and know what are they doing daily.  So, you think to...

How Is AI Affecting the Future of Web Design?

AI in web design will play a significant role in the uncertain and technologically advanced future. With the capabilities of this innovative technology, most industry verticals are becoming more reliable, affordable, and quicker. Here is a list of statistics that demonstrate AI's potential:

  • Reasons Why a Freelance Programmer Need a Marketing Plan

    If you are a professional computer programmer looking to advance your profession, you must look into your current field. Despite your experience and technical skills, you must learn how to introduce them and persuade prospective customers that you are the best person for their ventures.

    10 Best Time Management Tips To Learn C++ Faster

    C++ is one of the most advanced scripting languages in the world. For beginners, studying can feel like a challenging challenge. It forces thought and complex problem-solving. It lets you use all your coding skills at once. It's no understatement to say that learning C++ is like trying physics for the first time. 

What You Need to Become a Freelance AI Engineer

Over the past few years, substantial development has been made in the areas of machine learning and deep learning, leading to an enhanced environment for AI applications in business processes. Artificial Intelligence is now applying in nearly all fields, such as healthcare, su...

Top 4 Javascript Concepts a Node.js Freelance Newbie Need to Know

Wouldn't it be amazing if you only had to know one programming language to create a full stack application? Ryan Dahl put the idea into action and built Node.js. Node.js is a server side application based on Chrome's strong JavaScript V8 engine. While originally written in C++, JavaScript is used for applications.

6 Benefits Becoming a Freelance Software Developer in 2021

A lot of people are beginning to think about the future. However, I can assure you right now that there's nothing to worry about. Computer developer is here to stay, so are their paychecks. There's no reason to think about what the future holds for programming. There are more p...