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Graphic Design / Video Design/Chinese Translator

I can help you do graphic design, company brand design, logo design, banner design, etc.

I can help you edit the video design.

I can help you do the English translation to Chinese.


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Human resource manager

  •  Mar 2014 - Feb 2018

1. Independently responsible for the work of each module, provided guidance to subordinate members and supported their daily work;
2. Assist superiors in formulating and adjusting the overall human resources plan and annual implementation plan;
3. Assist the superior to revise the company's relevant human resource management system;
4. Communicate HRM policies, directions and implementation methods, collect feedback information and conduct analysis;
5. Responsible for the establishment of standardized management system, the establishment, perfection and perfection of personnel files;
6. Assist the department manager to supervise, guide and implement the work of each module of human resource management.

Social media promoters

  •  Skyhigh Vip pet ltd
  •  Aug 2018 - Jun 2020

1. Responsible for online promotion of "we Media" brand and products on the official account of the company's website;

2. Explore and apply new media resources and cooperation models, and effectively analyze, evaluate and apply new media.

3. Maintained good relations with various media, planned and implemented the brand's content delivery on social media platforms;

4. Have a certain understanding of Internet word-of-mouth platforms such as xiaohongshu, weibo, WeChat, douyin and B station, familiar with the tonality of the platform and master the knowledge of Internet and marketing.


Regular college course

  •  Peizheng College
  •  Sep 2010 - Jul 2014

Business English major
Optional courses: Customs declaration practice course, selected reading of British and American newspapers, mental health education, literature appreciation, English grammar, etc.