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I start working as Artist Assistant that prepare materials and do the project in
primary steps. I’m being employed as Gallerist position in Dec 2018 at Gallery Seescape. I spend the majority to carry the gallery which they are small gallery, I’ve responsible for three positions – coordinator, artist assistant, and manage general things in the gallery. I have a Part-time job as Illustrator.
I always contact people, schedule work, do sketch design and catalog, keep all the tasks done on time, as well as create my art.


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  •  Gallery Seescape
  •  Dec 2018 - Sep 2020

• Cordinating between gallery team, production team, and mechanic team for exhibition and art project. As well as control schedule of each project.
• Write email in English to contact with clients. Along with the hotel, museum, and gallery.
• Customer service via email, chat messenger, phone call, and face to face.
• Provide art information information to the audience.
• Deal and contact with the collectors (buyer) which included make purchase form, packing, and shipping the artworks.
• Graphic general in gallery artwork - artworks sketch design, dicut and retouch artworks, exhibition catalog, outline draft, sign, etc.
• Manage document files which both of online and on papers.
• Shooting and retouch artwork and exhibition room.



  •  Chiang Mai University
  •  May 2012 - May 2017

Painting, Fine Arts / GPA 3.27