How to Stay Motivated as a Freelancer When You are Down 

How to Stay Motivated as a Freelancer When You are Down 

Freelancing is not always a sunny happy day.  In every job that we have chosen, there must be time we got bored, regretful, unmotivated, and feeling down.  Even for a freelancer that is supposed to have more freedom than any other job sometimes, we feel down. So how to stay motivated as a freelancer when you are down?

1. Remember why you started freelancing in the first place.

Either because of competition, clients or you find it difficult to get project freelancer can feeling down too.  So the first thing to stay motivated as a freelancer when you are down is by remembering why did you choose freelancing life? 

As a freelancer, you would almost certainly have to start from the bottom, which means you will not receive many projects offers at first and will be unable to make a decent living.

2.Fanning the Flame

When deadlines keep you busy, it’s easy to lose your creative sense. When you put a priority on finishing a project in a limited period of time, you become more concerned with getting the job done than with doing it creatively, which contributes to burnout and depression. 

So, spend some time looking up for designs pertaining to your area of interest. Visit art museums or galleries.  Do something that you never done for fun. Or even you can take different online courses to refresh your mind. You can also take a walk and meet up with friends and other freelancers.  By doing that things you can stay motivated as a freelancer when you are down. 

3. Use Flexibility ForYour Advantage 

Being a freelancer has the benefit of allowing you to make your own choices. You are free to eat, take breaks, or even leave your workstation at any time. There aren’t many professions that offer you that much flexibility. In the negative hand, because no one except you is watching your job, you can be tempted to procrastinate. 

Allowing yourself enough rest will help you resist temptations and remain motivated. While working on the project, you can take frequent small breaks. That way, you won’t get overburdened by handling all of the work in one sitting and end up taking the rest of the day off. 

Stay Motivated as a Freelancer
You can even doing yoga while doing job if you are a freelancer

Aside from the benefit of keeping you focused in this manner, taking regular breaks will also allow you to return to your work refreshed. Indeed, psychologists have discovered that you can learn and recall the things you worked on the most when you first started working on them. It’s known as the primacy effect. 

As a result, if you take several breaks, you can perform better each time you return to work. This leads to increased job results and attitude for the whole project you’re working on, which acts as a positive motivator to keep doing what you’re doing. 

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