Time Tracking Tools to Measure Freelancers and Remote Workers Productivity

Time is a valuable commodity. Time is the factor that decides how much you can accomplish in a day and sets your pay rate, particularly for freelancers. Thus it is important to use time tracking tools to measure freelancers and remote workers productivity. There are many tracking apps are available on the internet. Some tools are designed specifica...

Freelance Marketplaces Trend Creating the Future of Work in India

The demand for recruiting freelancers has increased in recent months like never before in India. Because of the current state of uncertainty, companies appreciate the ability to meet a range of needs. That’s where freelance marketplaces become trend and creating the future of work.

4 WordPress Plugins That Turn Website into a Mobile App

Any major publication or company that you see online may have a mobile version of their website. Having a mobile presence, whether it's a responsive mobile version of the desktop version or a native app, is critical for many businesses looking to create an online presence. Here we are going to list down the 4

Unleash Your creativity as Freelancer

Creativity seems to be a magical, mysterious operation, the secrets of which the ordinary fail to comprehend. Many people aspire to be authors, but only a few really choose to publish. freelancers often encounter a creativity block that can be a bit depressing. So how to unleash your cre...

7 Project Management Software That Freelancer Must Check

 If you're a freelancer or the owner of a small company, knowing what's expected and needed to effectively handle a client's project on schedule. Currently life getting easier as there are project management softwa...

Make Freelancing Into Passive Income With These 6 Steps   

Freelancing gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you invest your time. However, starting a professional business can be challenging because you must do everything from marketing to actual work on your own. When you're at work, you're probably wondering if there's a way to transform freelancing to passive income....

Tips From an Entrepreneur Who Has Hired Freelancers for $1 Million 

Erik Bergman is an Entrepreneur Who has hired freelancers. He is the co-founder of Catena Media and founder of Erik has paid over $1 million to all of the freelancers he has employed over the years. In reality, his most recent project is a totally remote company that works with...

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