How to Use Twitter to Grow Freelance Business ?

How to Use Twitter to Grow Freelance Business ?

Twitter can be effectively utilized as a tool for freelancers  to promote your services. Even Elon Musk and Trump use twitter. Without a doubt Twitter is top social media platforms that connect many people without boundaries.  So, we are going to discuss how to use Twitter to Grow Freelance Business.

Different with Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is a microblogging platform. You can only writ 280 characters for one tweet. Amazingly many people use Twitter to share their knowledge & expertise. So , how to use Twitter to grow freelance business ?

Here are five possible ways to make good use of Twitter for your freelance business:

  1. Follow  Relevant People 

Start by following accounts that have same interest with you. If you new to Twitter, you can use search bar to search accounts with the same keyword as yours.  If you are a writer, then you looking for other writers on Twitter. Follow them and if possible, you can ask then follow you back.

Twitter, being a great tool to network with people of the same field, is your key to refining your business. This is because freelancers like you are now able to share tips and critique each other’s work and approach. Such online relationships, although casual, can do wonders for you by widening your perspective on how things can be done.

  1. Lure People to Your Blog

Twittering is a good way to inform your followers on any updates to your portfolio blog. However, the benefit of using Twitter goes beyond the purpose of simple notifications.  You post your blog posting on twitter and use the related hashtags. You can also use hashtags that trending by country.  You can also set up scheduling for posting few times a day.

This way, your blog, along with your awesome work, gets¬†free publicity to more prospective clients. Also, it’s better¬†set up a Twitter account solely for your freelance business, separately from personal.

How to Use Twitter to Grow Freelance Business ?
Twitter Account
  1. Get Prospective Clients

A major component of Twitter is its search function that enables user to search for other users to follow. There, you can search for a specific topic or interest and get a list of Twitter accounts for your consideration to follow. You can reply those accounts or retweet.

If you are looking for prospective clients, then this is a great tool for yourself to get acquainted and develop a professional network with other freelancers or potential clients.

  1. Personal Brand

Write what you do on your profile, as example ‚ÄúFreelance writer in crypto currency‚ÄĚ or¬†‚ÄúFreelance Web Developer‚ÄĚ. Then once you have a decent number of followers, it becomes a must to update them on your latest work so that they get¬†constant reminder of your business. Focus on your¬†specialty¬†from the various services you provide and your followers will know what to expect from your updates.

How to Use Twitter to Grow Freelance Business ?
Personal Branding for Freelancer
  1. Be the Expert

Make your personal brand strong by posting insightful updates to your Twitter and give your audience what they want to know. Providing meaningful comments on other’s work as well as your own will impress upon your audience that you’re passionate and serious about what you do.

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