Launch Your Career as A Freelance Mobile App Developer

Launch Your Career as A Freelance Mobile App Developer

The good news is you can learn how to make a mobile app despite whatever your background is.  Even if you don’t have computer science study background.  You can go to bootcamp or learning online to coding and create a mobile app.   So, if you interested in career as a Freelance Mobile App Developer, please continue reading.  

Almost everybody use mobile app, therefore the demand for mobile app development skills in Android and iOS is high.  If you are beginner you can start from small and take gigs that you can get.  Once you get few projects,  you will have ample opportunities for work as a freelance app developer.   Here are the steps on how to become A Freelance Mobile App Developer 

Create  and launch your own apps on  Playstore /App Store  

By doing this  you can show to HR or potential clients that you have professional work and  have relevant experience for a job, and provides valuable stuff for your resume/social media. 

You don‚Äôt need to¬†build¬† a¬†sophisticated app to show your skill.¬†It doesn‚Äôt even need many users or reviews. Oftentimes HR managers / recruiters just ‚Äúcheck the box‚ÄĚ that you have apps on the Play Store.¬†

Freelance Mobile App Developer

Update Your Resume (CV) 

Just like any other job, applying for freelance roles requires an up-to-date resume. To be blunt: oftentimes your resume doesn‚Äôt even get read, just scanned for keywords. Employers want to know if you can do the job. Therefore, your resume should stand¬†out¬† ‚ÄúI can do this job.‚Ä̬† Check how to create your compelling tech resume here.¬†¬†

  1. Update your LinkedIn Account Info 

You just need to copy your CV to  Linkedin and you can also put link to your portfolio web. You can also join coding nomad group to share your profile.  Put your title as “Freelance app developer. so that people can find you by title. Let your network and recruiters know you’re available for work by sending public status updates. 

Freelance Mobile App Developer
  1. Upload your CV  to every web/ platform  

Create your CV to every web / platform  as many as you can. You might forget to apply that job when somebody gives you call or send you email. The purpose of this, is to make every HR and recruiters keep your CV in their database.  

  1. Network

Tapping into your existing network plus expanding your network can definitely increase your opportunities. You can start from your family, friends and colleagues. Start to share your work with them.  You can also create name card so whenever you attend an event you can promote yourself.  

  1. Take what you can, but don’t sell yourself short

As a new freelance app developer, of course you need to take what you can get. It might not be a project you’re interested and might not be an ideal location or ideal pay.  However, don’t undercut the market when it comes to your compensation. You have the skills required for the job. Don’t let someone value you less than the market rate for an entry-level developer.  

  1. Use freelancer platforms 

There are freelancer marketplace platform that you can use to promote yourself. Fiverr, Flexgigzz and Upwork are some of them.  Create profile on every platform and check the platform regularly to check the order and inbox from clients.  In order to attract clients, you can create several packages from the lowest price to highest price.   

Freelance Mobile App Developer
Flexgigzz Platform

You can face more competition for the same job now that most work is done online. It’s up to you to make yourself stand out from the crowd. To get their attention, make a video of your application or use bold/funny subject lines.

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