Most Remote Workers Won’t back to Office and prefer Quit

Most Remote Workers Won’t back to Office and prefer Quit

According to a study conducted by global staffing company Robert Half, 34% of professionals working from home due to the pandemic would rather leave their job and search for one with more flexible remote work policies if their boss told them they had to return to work full time. In other word most remote workers won’t back to office and prefer quit from their current job.   

As the world begin to recover from pandemic, life slowly goes to normal with the spread of vaccine.  But when this pandemic over and 80% of global population got vaccinated, the workers feel reluctant to going back to office life.  

According to a Robert Half press release, 49% of workers would prefer a hybrid job arrangement that included some time in the workplace and the freedom to work elsewhere most of the time.  

The advent of remote work has altered the face of business and, in some cases, brightened the outlook for workers who are tired of fighting traffic during their morning and late afternoon commutes. All of those workers hope that their employers will continue to support this current work-from-home reality even after the pandemic has passed. Most remote workers won’t back to office and prefer quit from the job, if their employers demand them to back to office.  

Remote Workers Won’t back to Office
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Employers are concerned about remote jobs, but employees are concerned about the difficulties of operating from home. For example, 28% are concerned that their relationships with colleagues will suffer, and 20% feel that they will have less chances to advance in their careers if they aren’t in the workplace full time where employers will see them. 


Employees Returning to the Office Have Demands 

What would employers do to entice highly qualified employees back to work? According to the survey results, ping-pong tables and craft beer aren’t going to cut it this time. 

Remote Workers Won’t back to Office
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The 1,000 workers surveyed said they want the freedom to schedule their own work hours as well as a private office with less distractions. These Employees often prefer a more laid-back dress code, which they have had for more than a year when working from home. This is the reasons why most remote workers won’t back to office and prefer quit.  

Other demands included making their employers pay for their travel expenses and childcare costs, perhaps even delivering onsite childcare. 

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