Set Up A Work From Home – Life Balance

Set Up A Work From Home – Life Balance

Many people not aware that actually work from home can make you feel stress and burn out too. During Work from home, you might take calls from your couch, working late hours, and even checking emails on the weekends.  Unconsciously, you put no boundaries between your personal life and work life. Therefore, you need to set up a work from home – life balance to keep you sane. 

When work and life are under the same roof, it can be difficult to keep them balanced. In the midst of this ongoing pandemic, our work life has substantially merged with our personal life so that there’s little separation between the two. Especially when many workers feel fear of losing job due to pandemic.  So, check our tips to Set Up A Work From Home – Life Balance  below :

  1. Set Up Working Schedule  

Set up your working hour, when you will start and end the workday.  Avoid checking your work email or accounts outside of your allotted work hours. We can actually use this to our benefit in helping us stick to the boundaries for us. This can mean setting time limits, turning off your active status, or even activating an auto-reply to let others know you’re not available outside your work hours. 

Set Up A Work From Home – Life Balance
Working Schedule


2. Schedule time for mindfulness and movement  

An imbalance between your work and personal life can be emotionally draining and cause burnout. Ensure you’re getting enough time each day to decompress and rest, which is necessary for your health and well-being.  To boost your mood and start the day with an energy boost, incorporate physical activity in your routine, recommends Dr. Ditzell. “Pick any workout you enjoy and perform it regularly. Whether it is the first thing in the morning, during lunchtime, or before bed, creating time and space for consistent exercise and mindfulness will help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

3. Spend more time with your loved ones  

Set aside time regularly to do the things you love with those you love. Plan special dates that you’ll look forward to and don’t overlap with your work hours. This may include attending an online workout class, having a Zoom happy hour with friends, taking a walk with your partner, or anything else you want to make sure you fit into your day or week.  If you have any family events that may occur on a consistent basis, build your work schedule around those events instead of building those events around your work schedule, if possible. 

  4. Develop a new hobby to fuel your personal interests

The COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect time to reflect on your interests and adopt a new hobby that you love. If you’re WFH, you’re probably saving a lot of time and money on commuting, so why not put it toward a new activity or skill. You can learn cooking, gardening, sewing even programming. Finding purpose in a hobby will not only spark your inner creativity but also uplift and motivate you.

Set Up A Work From Home – Life Balance
Develop New Hobbies

5. Use your vacation days

It doesn’t mean you have to travel far away, especially during pandemic our mobility is limited.  You can use your vacation day to do something that comforts you, maybe it’s taking a staycation and doing a movie marathon. During your vacation, make sure to mute all work-related emails and accounts, if possible, and just focus on having fun.  Don’t be hard to yourself, you need “me- time” to  reflect and evaluate yourself.  

It is important to prioritize yourself and make yourself comfortable during work from home. If you still want to have more flexible jobs than work from home, you can try to be a full-time freelancer. You can start to create your freelancer profile now on

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