Steps to Launch Freelance Photography Business 

Steps to Launch Freelance Photography Business 

There is no best feeling than doing what you like and get appreciation for that. If you love photography you can invest your time and budget for it and make it your freelance income. So in this article we are going to discuss steps to Launch Freelance Photography Business.  Through research, passion, and a clear business plan, freelance photography jobs are attainable. 

What are the steps to launch freelance photography business?  

When you first start out as a freelance photographer, one of the first things that you need to do is to make a plan.  Set your target and create a path how you will achieve it. Start by creating manageable tasks to do. Here is a list of some of the main elements to think about while planning a strategy. 

Creating Business plan  

A business plan is not necessary to be an exact outline of your business. But it needs to act as a framework you can reference when you lose direction or focus. Start by writing down a description of your photography business. After that,  you can figure out what photography niche you want to explore and what market you want to target. Then, state your goals and objectives.  The more detailed and goal oriented your mindset is, the easier it will be to turn your hobby into a career. 

It will be good if you start to think the name of your business, the equipment, and what channel to promote.   

Find Your Niche  

There are lot of niches photography that you can choose based on your interest. Each business is unique and there are a variety of ways that freelance photographers can specialize in these areas.

a. Product Photography   

With the growing of business in Instagram many business need product photography. This is a good niche for your Freelance Photography Business.  Product photographer usually take shoot inside studio and  sometimes outdoor, depends on the product.   A professional product photographer can compose a good photo with the mix of lighting, supporting properties and  the angle of the  photoshoot.   

b. Social Media Photography  

Social media photography is for photographers who want to specialize in Instagram or Facebook.  The good thing of this is you can use mobile phone to take photo.  There are lot of  influencers  or people who wants to be an influencer   on social media.  So, there is a big demand for this niche.   

Freelance Photography Business 
Social media photography

Besides taking pictures for influencer there are many small business  who  advertise on social media that need  good cheap pictures. So, you can take that opportunity.  

As a freelance photographer who specializes in social media, you should create a photography proposal that outlines the types of photos you take. 

c. Family Photography  

Family photography can be a photographer for Newborn baby and maternity,  yearly or Christmas family portrait, and  kid’s graduation photo. There is a huge demand for this style of freelance photography because families are always growing and changing and parents want to capture precious moments.  When it comes to family freelance photography, the client’s overall experience is very important because their referrals will be what bring in the newest clients. 

Freelance Photography Business 
Type of family photo (newborn photo)

d. Event Photography 

Event photography like wedding, parties and concers Party planners are constantly looking for freelance photographers to capture these momentous occasions. Being a strong networker is essential for this kind of freelance photography, and knowing and meeting event organizers will be the primary way to get hired. Once you are finished editing your work, it is important to watermark your photos so people on social media will know who you are. 

e. Photo journalism

A creative way of mixing art, journalism, and photography is photo journalism, also known as press photography. This freelance photography style is usually based around news and focuses on documentation, international affairs, or street photography. Contacting newspapers, magazines, and journals to find work as a freelance photojournalist 

f. Landscape Photo

If You love to take landscape photo such as mountains, beach, buildings, night light you can take landscape photography as your niche.  The clients can be hotels, resort, building management or even local government who promote the tourism.  

So, find a photography niche that you’re passionate about, invest your time and photography skill on it and  become specialize.  There will be chances  someone will be looking for your services. 

Invest your Skill and Equipment  

When it comes to deciding what equipment to use as a professional photographer, it is important to research what products are out there and what you prefer to use. There are many camera brands, accessories, and editing software programs that are available with various price and spec.  

Freelance Photography Business 

Set Up Rates  

Create different rate packages form the cheapest one to the highest price so client  have choice. Be realistic about the time it will take you to complete a photo shoot, go through the images, and edit the best pictures. You must consider the time you spend. Don’t be afraid to charge clients for your service. If you do not have confidence in your abilities, you are more likely to do complimentary photo shoots.  

When getting started, it is normal to offer a few free or heavily discounted photo shoots to build your portfolio, but it’s important that you become confident in your abilities as a professional. 

Build Portfolio and Market Your freelance Business 

Currently Instagram is the best free social media platform where you can promote your photo. Upload your  photos on Instagram and  use Instagram Advertising. Or You can also use freelance platform  like Flexgigzz to create your profile and build professional portfolio and rate packages.  If you have budget you can build your own website for it. 

Don’t be afraid to send emails, call, and network to find people who are interested in your services. Build networking with people on your niche  market such as  event organizers, advertising agencies and media.  Marketing is a helpful tool that will brand your business and get new clients to purchase your photography services.

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