Time Tracking Tools to Measure Freelancers and Remote Workers Productivity

Time Tracking Tools to Measure Freelancers and Remote Workers Productivity

Time is a valuable commodity. Time is the factor that decides how much you can accomplish in a day and sets your pay rate, particularly for freelancers. Thus it is important to use time tracking tools to measure freelancers and remote workers productivity. There are many tracking apps are available on the internet. Some tools are designed specifically for remote teams, while others are designed specifically for freelancers.

To assist you in finding the right time-tracking software for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best time tracking tools to measure freelancers and remote workers productivity. These tools that can automatically track how much time you spend on your job. 


It is the best time-tracking tool for remote teams. It keeps track of time and analyzes employee performance in real time. It categorizes apps and websites as positive, unproductive, or neutral, and tracks who uses which app and for how long. It monitors mouse and keyboard movements to determine whether or not an employee is working or taking a break.

Thanks to its unique features, it is ideal for managers and remote teams. There is a desktop edition that can be used offline; (if the internet connection is lost, DeskTime will gather information locally until the connection is reestablished). The application on the other hand, does not function offline, and even the desktop edition needs a browser.

Freelancers and Remote Workers Productivity

Top Tracker

TopTracker is entirely free, and there are no restrictions on the number of users, clients, or projects that can be tracked. It’s available on both the desktop and the internet. Working with it is simple: simply build a project, add team members, and begin monitoring your progress. It has features such as timer screenshots, webcam images, and so on; however, you can monitor how often the screenshots are taken and even blur them if necessary.

The desktop version of TopTracker is located in the status bar for easy access. Use the “Stop Tracking” button if you ever need a break. It has real-time summaries and reports to help you get more done faster.


TMetric is a free time-tracking tool that freelancers and small business owners can find useful. It has a straightforward, user-friendly interface and is not restricted to a set number of clients or programs.

You can change your working hours, add new assignments, turn them around, add tags to each task, and get comprehensive reports on your tasks and projects. You can also use the timeline to edit your tasks and time throughout the day, as well as add break hours. Many task managers, including Basecamp, Trello, Asana, GitHub, Jira, Producteev, Redmine, and others, can easily be integrated with TMetric.

Freelancers and Remote Workers Productivity

Freckle (Timecamp) 

Freckle is dedicated to making the time-tracking process as simple as possible. A timer is included, much like every other app, but you can also add manual entries. To begin a new assignment, fill out the form with the following information: deadline, mission, and summary. An entry bar can be found at the top of each tab.

A company costs $199 per month, a team costs $49 per month, and an enterprise costs $499 per month. It’s ideal for large organizations and remote teams because it’s simple to introduce new customers, programs, clients, and managers. Freckle is a web application, so you’ll need an internet connection to use it.

Freelancers and Remote Workers Productivity


The cost of Tick is determined by the amount of tasks you work on in a given period of time. As a result, if you’re a freelancer who only works on one project at a time, you’ll most likely use the Tick software for free.

To get started with Tick, you’ll need to create a client, project, and mission, as well as start the timer. Depending on the number of projects, their pricing plan varies from $0 to $149.

So which one do you prefer ?, or have you used one of the time tracking app on the list ? tell us your experience on comment.




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