Tips to Managing Client’s Expectation as a Freelancer

Tips to Managing Client’s Expectation as a Freelancer

When you create your gig on Flexgigzz you put services and delivery time that you can handle. It means you must manage your client’s expectation. It’s not always easy to managing client’s expectation as Freelancer. Often, they don’t know the final product should look and how long it should take to produce, while you have a completely different vision.  

As you are the seller of your service, you and your client can reach the middle point and compromise. Many times  you must negotiate  with your clients. There are many freelancers that are feel reluctant to negotiate because their lack of negotiation skill and make them lost the opportunity.  So, besides negotiation, you also need to know how to Managing Client’s Expectation as Freelancer  efficiently and effectively to get the end result that you both want.  

Set up Expectation from The Start  

Accept a project only if you’re confident that you’ll be able to fulfil all of the client’s requirements, and that you have a clear understanding of everything that will be expected of you. With that in the beginning it is easier to managing client’s expectation as freelancer.  

Before you accept the project on your Flexgigzz account, make a list of all the questions you have. Ascertain that you have a clear understanding of the employer’s requirements. 

Managing Client's Expectation

Check all of the details and ask questions 

You’ll want to pin down not only the client’s expectations for the finished product, but also payment, when the project should be finished, and any milestones the client needs to see along the way. 

Take the time to talk to your client about how much artistic feedback they want in the project. There will be occasions where your vision as a freelancer differs from the client’s vision, and you’ll need to know if they’ll stick to their guns or take professional advice along the way. 

Make sure everyone is on the same page, clarify if needed 

The client expects payment at the end of the project, but you need some payment in advance. You expect the client to check in on your project on a regular basis to ensure that you’re on schedule. The customer, on the other hand, expects to see a finished product until you’re finished, with little tests in between. All of these factors may contribute to an unsteady client relationship. 

You will smooth out the client relationship by ensuring that everybody is on the same page. It also allows you to determine if you’re creating a product that will make your client happy in the end–which is, after all, the goal of the job.  

Stay on track with the schedule but don’t let yourself Crazy 

You set out a schedule in the beginning, and that means that you stick to it. But many things can happen. We never know that COVID-19 will become pandemic at 2019, but it happened.   So, make sure you have spare time when Managing Client’s Expectation as Freelancer.  

The client is expecting a finished product that arrives right on time, and that means that it’s your job to stick to the schedule. While that won’t always be easy, it’s usually possible. It often helps to break down the project into manageable segments. Don’t forget that you need rest and relax time too.  If something bad happens in the middle, communicate right away with your clients that you need more time.  Explain your current situation to them and set up new estimation time when you can finish it.  

Managing Client's Expectation
Communicate with clients

Build Good Communication 

You’ll build a lot stronger client relationship if you handle your client communication professionally and make sure that all expectations are transparent up front. In the end, you’ll be in a lot better spot, both personally and professionally, than if you just wing it. 

You won’t enjoy the anxiety that comes with mismanaged expectations, and your customer would prefer a finished product that meets their expectations. You will help ensure that you and your co-worker are satisfied by successfully handling them, which will increase the likelihood of a long-term working partnership. 

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