Top 10 Freelancer Growth Countries 

Top 10 Freelancer Growth Countries 

The pandemic has changed many things, especially business and jobs. There are shifting of the workforce from full-time office employee to a remote worker and even freelancer. Many countries experienced freelancer growth. So, here is the list of top 10 freelancer growth countries, according to a 2020 Payoneer study (via Forbes) 

Top 10 Freelancer Growth Countries

  1. Philippines: 208%
  2. India: 160%
  3. Japan: 87%
  4. Australia: 86%
  5. Hong Kong: 79%
  6. Mexico: 72%
  7. Canada: 71%
  8. Pakistan: 69%
  9. Argentina: 66%
  10. Spain: 66%

Biggest Freelance Country

Currently the biggest freelance country is  the United States with 558,965 freelancers. Followed by India with 245,342 freelancers and Philippines with 162,233 freelancers.   What shockingly is Japan that included on the top 10 freelancer growth countries, while Japan workers famous of its loyalty. 

USA as the biggest country of freelancers

Freelancers offered a cost and expertise efficient alternative: buy as much or as little help as needed “on demand”. Moreover, an employment “Covid cocktail” combined the shift to remote work with historically high employee turnover trends for millenials and Gen Zs. The difference between a short-term employee working remotely, and a freelancer working remotely, was small and growing less and less meaningful. 

Freelancers Supply vs. Demand

To match this unprecedented growth in different segments, including education and software freelancing, the supply needs to increase. 

In recent times, many platforms have formed to meet this need, including Flexgigzz, Upwork and Fiverr. They are additional freelancing platforms where you can hire freelancers for your software development requirements. 

Not all freelancers have experienced a rising tide of demand. Event and hospitality freelancers, entertainment freelancers, and freelancers in many creative areas have struggled as the world avoided large gatherings. 

Hire a Freelancer

When you’re trying to select the correct freelancer for your requirements, you need to validate their credentials. This could be an organization they are connected to, a college they studied at, etc.

Milenials and Gen-Z Workers

You should also look at the past relevant work that the freelancer has done and what type of feedback the freelancer received for these projects. Most of these platforms provide mechanisms to evaluate these qualifications. Next comes the money part: How much will you have to pay for their services? Can you justify the fee they’re charging? 

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