5 Remote Work Things that Company Must Know  

5 Remote Work Things that Company Must Know  

Before 2020, remote work seems only for digital and start up business. Things become different when the pandemic strike the world, makes each business must facing digital transformation for remote work.  So, here are the 5 Remote Work Things that Company Must Know, to make your remote team work with fun and efficient.

According to a TechRepublic poll, 61% of companies have gone out of their way to allow most workers to work remotely. That isn’t a blip on the screen. Given that the vast majority of respondents (61%) prefer working from home to working in an office, it’s fair to assume that remote work is here to stay.

So, let’s take a look into 5 remote work things that company must know :

  1. Remote Work Tools  

Get the right tools. You’re doing remote work incorrectly if you think workers working from home should be responsible for their own equipment. If you’re not able to pay for the equipment your workers need outright, you should consider allowing them to reimburse the costs like internet, working chair and stationery.

At a bare minimum, your company should supply remote workers with computer or laptop for work only, A printer (if needed), all software necessary to do their jobs, a VPN (if security is a concern).

Remote Work Things
remote worker

2. Managing Burn Out  
Employees who aren’t used to working from home face a substantial risk of burnout. The inability to distinguish work and home is the main cause.

How do you manage this? The most important thing you can do is keep the lines of communication open. You’ll also need to ask your staff to set boundaries like, “When the office door is closed, I’m at work.”  According to our survey, 78% of respondents indicated they were working from home five days a week. If those staff members don’t work smart, they’ll suffer burnout fast. Feeling like you’re ‘in the office’ day in and day out can be exhausting. To that end, you’ll need to consider allowing staff to work a flexible schedule.

3. Managing a flexible schedule 

Remote Work Things
Remote worker

This one is a challenge for most businesses because nearly every company works on the assumption that business hours are universal. However, You must remember that people are working at home means easily distracted like burn out, family issue, internet problem and equipment failure.  So,  the best thing to do is, as long as work is getting done in a timely fashion, it shouldn’t matter when it’s getting done.


4. Cyber Security  

Remote work means use online internet network  which make  higher risk for cyber attack.  Those employees who deal with very sensitive data might also need to be trained on how to use encryption.

Another issue that must be addressed is passwords. You probably have password policies in place for office-based staff, but you can’t enforce those policies on their home networks, which means you’ll need to train your remote workers to change all network passwords.

5. Key Performance  

You need to know which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor your employees performance. You can make KPI with below list

1. Self-discipline: An employee’s ability to work independently and deliver task

2. Effective communication: An employee’s ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with teams and clients.

3. Learning skills: An employee’s ability to not just follow a known instruction set, but also to learn new things efficiently. To upgrade your staffs skill, you can check professional online courses on Soho Learning Hub. 

4. Accountability: Employees must learn to hold themselves accountable to get their tasks done with less supervision.

5. Collaboration: Employees must be capable of working with other teammates efficiently via video/audio chat and email.

Availability: Managers must be available to discuss work-related matters during business hours. Although employees might work a flexible schedule, they must also be available during business hours.

Those are 5 remote work things that company must know. Often that companies fail to recognize employees struggle in doing remote work, which can cause stress and burn out.  Those things will be followed by the decrease in productivity and even worst resignation. You don’t want to lose your best talent for something that avoidable right?.

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Source : www.zdnet.com


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