Tips From an Entrepreneur Who Has Hired Freelancers for $1 Million 

Erik Bergman is an Entrepreneur Who has hired freelancers. He is the co-founder of Catena Media and founder of Erik has paid over $1 million to all of the freelancers he has employed over the years. In reality, his most recent project is a totally remote company that works with...

Women Freelancers Who Lead in Entrepreneurship Digitally

Three women are running similar but different businesses, ranging from technology to virtual assistant, but their missions are very similar.

As Women's History Month comes to an end, Flexgiggz is pleased to highlight three female entrepreneurs who own and operate busine...

5 Remote Work Things that Company Must Know  

Before 2020, remote work seems only for digital and start up business. Things become different when the pandemic strike the world, makes each business must facing digital transformation for remote work.  So, here are the 5 Remote Work Things that Company Must Know, to make your remote team work with fun and efficient. According to a TechRepublic...

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