5 Steps to Make You Better Freelance UX Designer  

5 Steps to Make You Better Freelance UX Designer  

Either a website, a mobile app, or something else, the user interface is at the heart of product design. Although it should go without saying that user experience is critical to product design, many UX designers still have misconceptions about it and create beautifully not so user-friendly app. So, how to make UX that really engaged your customer? Check the 5 Steps to Make You Better Freelance UX Designer on below.  

1. Make simple and responsive design  

The big issue that often arises during the UX design process is when items become too complex to be visually appealing. Too much pattern, too much button, and the design doesn’t work.  

When a user arrives at a page that is practically crammed with elements and distracting typography, the end result is that the user will leave and go somewhere else, which is exactly what you don’t want. 

Points that you need to check to make UX designer keeps design simple in practical terms: 

  • Each page has a single definitive purpose. For example, the checkout page contains only what is required for the checkout process.  
  • The user will immediately understand the intention of each page and each item on it without any clarification. 
  • Any additional but inessential information goes to the bottom of the page. Such as “you might also like” content. 
Better Freelance UX Designer  
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2. Know your audience 

Know and understand what your target audience’s needs and demands.  You can gather feedback from surveys and observe how user use your product or similar product. In order to be a better freelance UX designer you must answer these questions  

  • What are your users’ needs? How you can provide a solution for their needs? 
  • How does the correlation between their needs and your value proposition manifest in the interface design?

If you don’t know how to do research for your audience you can learn how to do effective UX research and conduct UX interview on Soho Learning hub. 

3. Make different elements visually distinct 

One of the most significant goals for UX designers is to create visually distinct page templates. It’s a way to keep the user journey fluid and the experience engaging. 

On the website or in the mobile app, users must be aware of their location. Navigational aids must be readily accessible. For instance, you have a website navigation panel at the top of the page with quick access to all of the website’s major parts. The social media sharing buttons are typically found on the left side of the page. On the right you can put the blogroll with popular stuff, a tweet stream, a tag cloud, and other auxiliary elements.  

Action buttons need to stand out and the search field needs to be visually distinct with the word “search”.  

Background colors are generally muted, Blue is for text links, Red is for the important stuff, Calls to action require a high-contrast, often exclusive color to stand out from the rest 

Better Freelance UX Designer  

4. Don’t reinvent the wheel 

UX designers are often accused of reinventing the wheel or attempting to repair what isn’t  broken. There’s a reason why most websites and smartphone apps are designed in the way they are. Users are used to it. That is the psychology of repetitive behavior. Change isn’t always accepted by consumers. 

For example, there’s no need to move a navigation bar from the top of the page to the bottom, or to change how users navigate through a mobile app. Sticking to tried-and-true trends saves you time and energy so you can focus on the areas where design creativity is most important. 

5. Consistency of the user flow  

The “flow,” or the continuous consistency of the user’s path, is one of the most critical functional aspects of user experience design. A cohesive design scheme makes it simple for users to get what they want and need, as if it were the most common thing in the world. To keep things stable, think about what the consumer would do each step of the way. 

Having your UX design function with both your users and your platform is the key to successful UX design. These UX design tips will make you be a better freelance UX designer in identifying the key elements to reach your target audience. 


Source : webflow.com 

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