How to Calculate Freelance Web Developer Cost

How to Calculate Freelance Web Developer Cost

There are a lot of web developers at various prices and skills. The price of web developer rates depends on the project, their expertise, and even where they live. Some developers charge $20,000 per website, while others scrape by at $30 per hour. It all depends on the developer. So, How to calculate freelance web developer cost?

If you need to hire a freelance web developer for your project, the first step is identifying exactly what services you need. You can list down your needs below. 

The Type of Development? 

Not all development work is the same. Do you need a website built from scratch or do you need some updates to an existing site? Can you handle maintenance once it’s up and running or will you need someone on-call to help you out? Are you looking for a simple website with a few pages, or a full-blown E-commerce site? It is important to list know what you need first. What kind of website that you want to have?  and it will be better if you have a reference website to make it easy to predict a freelance web developer cost. 

A Web from Scratch — In the short term, creating a website from scratch is almost always more costly than linking to an existing site. Add-ons, however, can cost extra, such as a content management system, HTML5, and mobile responsiveness. 

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web from scratch

Regular Maintenance — All websites need regular maintenance, but not all websites need it to be performed by a developer. It could be something you can do yourself, depending on the layout of your website, but make sure your developer guides you through the backend of every new site so that you can really get a sense of whether it’s something you can handle. 

You need to be prepared to have a freelance web developer on hand to assist with updates, hosting problems, URL changes, tool integration, or the development of new sites, if you cannot to manage it.  Instead of recruiting someone new, you should intend to build a partnership with this developer. So, it will be easier if you need help.  

Design needs — Freelance web developers often provide design services, such as designing images for blog posts and other website sites. This are usually done instead of an hourly rate or on retainer for one-time payments. 

calculate freelance web developer cost

Calculate The rates 

You could spend $2,000 on a new website. For simple work, a pro might charge you $150 per hour, while a newbie will charge $30 per hour for a fairly complicated project because their portfolio is being developed. That will depend on the portfolio, skills and location of the web developer.  

With this broad variety, setting your budget and deciding your needs is important. You and your developer will have to compromise at the final rate you pay, so keeping a number in mind will help you find a better match when getting a decent deal. 

For example, if you only have an $800 budget and need a five-page WordPress website, then you can’t hire the $150 per hour one.  There’s no problem with that, but you need to know it before you start reaching out to potential hires so you don’t waste your time on people you can’t afford. 

If you’re not even sure what your budget is yet, try asking friends or colleagues what they’ve paid. This should give you an idea of the going rates in your area. Try to collect as much information as possible from real experiences. 

In the end, hiring a freelance web developer is always cheaper than hiring an employee.  For example, paying an employee $80,000 a year, plus benefits, to build a website in three months (so approx. $20,000 in value) will end up being twice as much as paying a freelancer $10,000 to build the same website in the same amount of time. 

Find the Freelance Web Developer  

You can ask your friends or colleagues who built their websites? You can ask the price also to them.  Otherwise, you can also search online. Some websites can provide you with choices of freelance web developers.  One of the good option is  Flexgigzz . Flexgigzz is a website that provides you with freelancers and remote workers. You can choose the gig or freelance service at one time. You can also hire remote full time web developers. It’s a great place to find flexible workers at your budget. 

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