Win the competition. Learn the tips To Market Yourself as A Freelancer?

Win the competition. Learn the tips To Market Yourself as A Freelancer?

It’s projected that by 2027, 86.5 million people will be freelancing in the U.S.  So, those people will make up around 51% of the total workforce. Moreover, across the world, small and large companies have significantly increased their use of freelancers. 

If you’ve decided to become a freelancer. Whether your goal is to earn some money  or make freelancing a full-time career.  You’ll need to arm yourself with knowledge and the determination to learn and improve. 

Create your identity 

Most freelancers choose to market themselves more creatively in social media. Many freelancers also  platform like Flexgiggz. Meanwhile,  CVs usually are favored for corporate and business-oriented positions. Usually, a freelancer  is more flexible and creative in terms of marketing the brand and services. 

Take time to create a substantial profile that will inform potential clients about your education, skills, expertise and experience. You can keep it short but simple. Then, list your skills, experiences, special achievements, and showcase your best traits for people to see.  

Build Your Website or  Landing Page  

You’ll be able to reach a much broader audience if you make your own website. You can use a hosting service with a website builder.  When a freelancer has a website or a landing page, freelancer can share it to many platforms.  

Use Freelancer Platform  

If you don’t have any skill  and time to build your website or landing page, you can use platform.  There are many freelancer platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Flexgigzz for Freelancers.  You can use those platform to create your unique freelancer profile and create your service.  Then, you can share link  of your profile to  the clients or social media.   

You can build your freelance profile here :

Optimize Social Media  

You need to be on social media. But, you don’t need to be on every single social media platform. You can just use  the ones that you love, and the ones where jobs, and leads might come from. Your services will determine which social media platforms you need to be on. If you’re a photographer or designer, you should be on a visual platform like Instagram or Pinterest. If you’re a writer, head to Twitter and Medium.  

Get The Reviews  

Freelancing  is similar like business.  Therefore you need to collect  your clients testimony or reviews.  You can send your clients email or google form to  review your service. If you  join a freelance platform  like Flexgigzz   your clients will be automatically asked by the system to review your  works. This system  will  make freelancers work easier and saving time.   


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