Make Freelancing Into Passive Income With These 6 Steps   

Freelancing gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you invest your time. However, starting a professional business can be challenging because you must do everything from marketing to actual work on your own. When you're at work, you're probably wondering if there's a way to transform freelancing to passive income....

Tips to Managing Client’s Expectation as a Freelancer

When you create your gig on  you put services and delivery time that you can handle. It means you must manage your client’s expectation. It's not always easy to managing client’s expectation as Freelancer. Often, they don’t know the final product should look and how long it shoul...

COVID 19 Has Created A New Job Title, Head of Remote Work

Remote working has become a new habit during the new normal. What was considered an emergency during a pandemic, has now developed into a function within the company. In fact, it is possible to create a new position as Head of Remote Work.

More and More Boomers Join Freelance Jobs

If you saw a boomer in a co-working space who doing his business with a laptop, just like other Millenials it will be more common in the coming days because more boomers join freelance jobs .  Boomers account for 35% of the gig economy, according to Dow Jones. Boomers may become bored after retirement and seek part-time,...

5 Success Entrepreneurs Who Starting as Freelancer

Despite having similarities freelancer and entrepreneur are different. Freelancers just care about doing work and being paid for it, whether by the hour or by the project. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are more concerned with developing profitable long-term companies. They can make money while sleeping. In exchange, t...

Reasons Why a Freelance Programmer Need a Marketing Plan

If you are a professional computer programmer looking to advance your profession, you must look into your current field. Despite your experience and technical skills, you must learn how to introduce them and persuade prospective customers that you are the best person for their ventures.

New Entry Level Remote Jobs with Good Income 

 For fresh graduates looking for jobs during a pandemic is not easy because you cannot easily go outside while the companies also applying for work from home.  Meanwhile, many start-up businesses are closed their ...

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