5 Freelance Jobs That You Can Do Remotely

5 Freelance Jobs That You Can Do Remotely

Many people these days are interested in being a freelancer. When you think about the opportunities and freedoms, it makes sense. The benefit of freelancing is that with an internet connection, you can usually operate from anywhere in the world. Certainly, you may need to meet in person for some freelance or contracting jobs, but often it can be done from the comfort of your own home. 

 Freelancing, of course, isn’t all glamorous and can be challenging to enter into the job market initially. Just like you, there are lots of individuals who have the same interest and ability to work for themselves, and it can get a little competitive. 

But happily, you can pick from so many types of freelance jobs that any skills you possibly have can become a lucrative way to make money from home. 

If you want to make money working alone or feel that you do your  best job without the pressures of a typical 9-5, this is an enticing feature. Here are five of the best freelance jobs that can pay well : 


One of the more common  freelance jobs is possibly writing. This can be a pretty broad category, but when you build your portfolio, getting paid to write can be very lucrative.  You can being a blogger or starting your own blog, a copywriter, or an editor / proofreader will make money. There’s no lack of writing jobs out there, however  it can be  very competitive. According to Glassdoor   freelance writer can earn around $ 52,807/year on average. 


There are various places where quality design work is important for small companies, start-ups, solo entrepreneurs, and business organizations. It may be as easy as making logos and social media banners to create different show advertising, or designing the architecture of a new website.  

But being a freelance designer can also help you develop product, templates and interfaces in areas such as UX / UI design. Or, if you are a professional illustrator you can draw for a book or story.  Freelance designer can earn around $76,480/ year on average.  

 Web Developer or Programmer

 The age of digital transformation has opened the doors to tons of freelance jobs , especially in web and programming creation. You can make some decent money as a freelancer if you have experience in codinglanguages such as HTML / CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript , Python, and other categories. You may be working on blogs, iOS or Android applications, and even specific software projects before the programming languages you know are available. Freelance web developer can earn $75,217 / year on average. 

Virtual Assistant

As digital work began to expand, so did the virtual assistant industry. For many entrepreneurs or small business owners, it’s easy to get bogged down by everyday activities that are not so important. If you like doing administrative work and learning, then you might become a virtual assistant for a great freelance job for you. Calendar management, analysis, bookings, email, organization, and customer service are the tasks you might do. Freelance virtual assistant can earn $35,592/year on average. 

Online Teaching

If you are good in a subject like math, science or language you can teach online.  It can require a college degree and teaching experience in a particular subject, but with the internet, you can help tutor anyone from anywhere.  You can also teach cooking, programming or writing or anything. Online teaching can earn $32,489/year on average 

 Source :  www.theladders.com 


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