Most Difficult and Easiest Programming Languages to Learn 

When you want to learn to code, you must want to have a good experience of it. You want to learn step by step from the easiest one to the advanced one. But what if you wrong in taking programming language?  Instead of creating good memory, you screw up your brain.  Therefore, we

4 Skill Sets to Strengthen Your Employability as a Freelance Programmer

Being a good programmer necessitates more than just knowing how to code. A programmer, for example, must first be able to imagine a complex software application in order to construct it. Furthermore, professional success in every industry niche is dependent on a blend of soft skills and technological expertise. 

Guidance For Programmers on How To Grow Personal Brand on Twitter

The new craze is personal branding. Everyone is talking about personal branding and how it can benefit them. That is, without a doubt, right. Maintaining a good personal brand can also assist you in networking and staying current with industry trends. It will leave a strong tra...

Reasons Why a Freelance Programmer Need a Marketing Plan

If you are a professional computer programmer looking to advance your profession, you must look into your current field. Despite your experience and technical skills, you must learn how to introduce them and persuade prospective customers that you are the best person for their ventures.

Boost your Creativity as a Freelancer by Using These 10 Psychological Tricks 

The demand to be creative for freelancers can cause creativity block.  For example, an article writer demanded by the client to give the work quick and original with minimum plagiarism. So does the freelance programmer and designers are required to be creative and think out of the box. So, how you can boost your Creativit...

10 Best Time Management Tips To Learn C++ Faster

C++ is one of the most advanced scripting languages in the world. For beginners, studying can feel like a challenging challenge. It forces thought and complex problem-solving. It lets you use all your coding skills at once. It's no understatement to say that learning C++ is like trying physics for the first time. 

What You Need to Become a Freelance AI Engineer

Over the past few years, substantial development has been made in the areas of machine learning and deep learning, leading to an enhanced environment for AI applications in business processes. Artificial Intelligence is now applying in nearly all fields, such as healthcare, su...

6 Remote Jobs You Can Get Without Remote Experience

Would you like to work remotely to make more money? If you have the advice and support, you will score one of the best high-paying remote jobs little to experience. We checked the new data to figure out, on average, how the highest remote workers pay across the United States. W...

Web Scraping Tools for Freelancers, Best 5 (Without Coding)

Web scraping is a job that you can do remotely. You can also do we scraping as a freelancer.  Web scraping is a computer software technique of extracting information from websites. You can use programming languages like Python, Ruby, C++, Node.js, PHP.  I...