Boost your Creativity as a Freelancer by Using These 10 Psychological Tricks 

Boost your Creativity as a Freelancer by Using These 10 Psychological Tricks 

The demand to be creative for freelancers can cause creativity block.  For example, an article writer demanded by the client to give the work quick and original with minimum plagiarism. So does the freelance programmer and designers are required to be creative and think out of the box. So, how you can boost your Creativity as a Freelancer when you have a creativity block? 

Check out some of these fascinating and often unusual tricks that might boost your creativity as a freelancer 

1 . Take a Walk  

In a 2014 study, researchers discovered that people are more imaginative while they are walking rather than sitting. Previous research has shown that taking a quick walk will enhance some modes of thought for a limited period of time.

Boost your Creativity as a Freelancer
Take a walk

2. Self Reward

According to research, when people are specifically rewarded for making innovative works, their creativity rises. So, if you’re looking for motivation, consider promising yourself a tasty treat as a reward for coming up with a creative solution. Just don’t overdo it, or your motivation will suffer.

3. Create Some Psychological Distance 

When you’ve hit a creative wall, it’s common advice to take a break from what you’re doing. According to research, putting some psychological space between yourself and the issue can also help. So, the next time you’re confronted with a tough problem, imagine that the problem is far away and unrelated to your current location.

4. Surround Yourself with Inspiration 

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a motivational psychologist, assumes that the environment affects the creative process. Stimulating experiences will help you be more creative, so surround yourself with things that inspire and motivate you.

5. Create Restrictions

People often depend on the obvious when trying to solve a problem, building on existing theories to come up with the simplest solution. This sometimes results in a positive outcome, but it can also lead to mental and physical fixedness, making it difficult to come up with new solutions. 

So, the next time you’re trying to solve a problem, try to restrict the resources you have at your disposal. You could come up with new and interesting ideas that you might not have thought of otherwise.

6. Daydream 

Distraction is just a click away in today’s high-tech, connected world. Instead of filling every spare moment with apps, games, emails, and website visits, give yourself permission to be bored for a while. 

Boredom promotes innovative thinking because it signals that something is missing in the current situation or climate, and seeking new ideas and motivation helps to address this.

Boost your Creativity as a Freelancer

7. Re-Conceptualize The Problem  

One common feature of creative people is that they re-conceptualize issues more often than less creative people. Instead of banging your head against the same mental obstacle, take a step back. Giving yourself the opportunity to start over from a new outlook will make you think more creatively and come up with more interesting solutions.

8. Get Emotional 

Positive emotions have long been thought to be strongly related to creativity, but new research has discovered that both strong positive and negative emotional states are associated with creative thinking. Negative feelings are bad, but you can make the best of them by doing something positive while you’re upset.

9. Surround yourself with Blue

Different colors, according to color psychology, may have different effects on moods, feelings, and behaviors. The color blue, according to research, encourages people to think more creatively. Since blue encourages people to think beyond the box, it is a good color to use. Since blue is closely linked to nature, harmony, and tranquility.

10. Meditate 

Try meditating because actually concentrating on your thoughts and experiences will make you think more creatively. According to one study, practicing open-monitoring meditation, which includes being open to all thoughts and sensations without concentrating on any one object or concept, can improve divergent thinking and the generation of new ideas. 

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