6 Apps to Improve your Content Writing  

Every content writer must have experienced the darkness of writers' block. Because there is stress from inside your mind to create the next viral writing or write something that out the box.  Suddenly you feel worried and afraid to write, and no idea comes out.  Put aside your anxiety and desire to write something that ...

5 Well Paid Writing Niches for Freelancing   

If you have passion in writing and want to make money form that, you can check this list. Whether you want to writing as a side job or make it your full-time job, you can make your passion as a source income.  When you think only for bloggers, you may ...

Starting Career as a Freelance Writer

Career as a Freelance Writer

COVID-19 pandemic has led to many layoffs and unemployment as many companies must close their stores and factories as government restrictions to limit the spread of the virus.  If you got laid off by your company and you find it's difficult to find a settled job in an uncertain situ...

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