Develop Your Remote Business with Virtual Resources

Develop Your Remote Business with Virtual Resources

As a remote company founder or business owner, things often take such a promising turn that you need to immediately expand your staff to satisfy new accounts. Or maybe you or your teammate will take time off to handle a personal health problem or to welcome a new kid. 

The only thing is that recruiting remotely has its own set of problems. When done well, screening resumes and interviews take a substantial amount of time—not to mention the regulatory set-up and on-board procedures needed for success.

These will usually be managed by HR specialists in broader virtual organisations, but as you manage the show, those tasks would eventually become part of your workload.

Of addition, you have the versatility to recruit applicants from a larger applicant pool and the privilege of not having to contribute to fixed expenses or overhead when doing so.

Yet learning how to cope with vital staffing needs will save you a lot of effort, resources, and stress in the long run.

Below are helpful techniques that will allow you to quickly and easily sustain or even extend your remote business: 

Promote remote openings and screening applicants successfully.

  • There is a bevy of remote-focused work boards, but not all of them are carefully curated. and its sister platform,, have in effect rigorous quality assurance procedures to defend against spam listings and, as such, recruit serious remote applicants. The former serves fully remote foreign and domestic positions, whilst the latter also provides flexible solutions such as job-sharing opportunities, alternate plans, and hybrid on-site/off-site jobs.
Doing Remote Business
  • Other remote work websites include We Work Remotely and, but paying to post on more than one of them could be a waste of internal money, as job-seekers prefer to frequently search a number of websites instead of scanning just one. Using keywords that are important to the activities at hand and suggest requesting a sample writing or coding or reacting to strategic job-related prompts. These efforts would significantly help to limit the number of candidates to those who are most eligible and trained.

Look for temporary simulated talent with unique skill sets.

  • If you expect that you will only need a temporary lift, there are more solutions available. Other businesses, such as Confidently, provide staff subscriptions entirely remotely in certain regions, such as marketing, site production or executive assistance. You can start by testing a new colleague for 10 to 20 hours per month, or by engaging in a heavy workload for a prolonged period of time—without having to cope with all the paperwork and risk involved with a new recruit.
Looking for right talents
  • If you need remote experts who have additional creative expertise or specialized project assistance, groups like CloudPeeps provide access to a range of freelancers who can perform vital positions. Last but not least, providing paying internships for new recruits or returns for experienced office employees returning to the workforce are two more outstanding opportunities for temporary assistance that will also help diversify the staff.