Signs When Your Business Failed to adapt to Remote Work culture

You think that your remote staffs are autopilot and deadlines that you have set are coming.  However, despite all the reminder on calendar the staffs missed it.  You even think that you need to be firm and know what are they doing daily.  So, you think to...

Freelancers, Here are the 5 Easiest Programming Language for Mobile Apps

If you are new to programming, and you have interest in creating a mobile application, you also have interest to be a freelance mobile app developer, you must check this. The 5 Easiest Programming Language for Mobile Apps.  

Develop Your Remote Business with Virtual Resources

As a remote company founder or business owner, things often take such a promising turn that you need to immediately your staff to satisfy new accounts. Or maybe you or your teammate will take time off to handle a personal health problem or to welcome a new kid.  The only thing...

Gig Economy as Global Trend

Within 10 years, freelancers will account for more than 50 percent of the U.S. working population. What are the implications for consumer cultures and corporate ones? ...

Getting into Gig Economy