Freelance Web Designers 12 Productivity Hacks

Freelance Web Designers 12 Productivity Hacks

Productivity is essential for a freelance web designer.  Not only it will help  you complete your project  professionally  which make your freelancing business run well. Productivity also will have good impact to your mind and body as well. So, freelance web designers must check this 12 top productivity tips, and it will be good to apply it.  

Freelance web designers often have a dilemma. Because you can’t either create impressive work or complete by the deadline. So, It’s essential to balance creativity and productivity.

Freelance Web Designers 12 Productivity Hacks

1.Planning Your day   

To make your day effective you must prioritized to-do list every night for the next day or every morning for the day. It helps you to keep focused, avoid distractions when working, and plan all other tasks either personal or professional.  

2.Break down tasks 

If you working on a project, the best to do it with break down the project into smaller tasks. It will help you a lot and make the task easier to do.  Then, you can work on the big ones as planned and the small ones whenever you have a moment. 

3.Track your time 

Track your time is the best way to know where you spend your most time. Either procrastinating on social media or doing your job. If you know where your time flies by, you can avoid doing unproductive tasks and focus on real projects. You can also  set your mobile device on silent  to make you focus and not wasting time  on social media mobile app.  

Time Tracking

4.Focus on one task 

The myth of multitasking is it helps accomplish multiple tasks. The human brain can do one task at a time, and it only switches from task to task ‚Äď so fast that you don‚Äôt feel it. So, it‚Äôs best to¬†focus¬†on one task at a time to achieve the best results. Please try monotasking, and you‚Äôll realize you can do tasks faster.¬†

5.Create Checklist¬† for¬† to ‚Äďdo list¬†¬†

You can create and reuse checklists for your projects. It helps to standardize workflows and avoid last-minute issues. So, list down what you have to do in a project and put the checklist box. For example, you can create a checklist for the basic inputs you need for every project or a deliverable checklist to confirm success.  

6.Take regular breaks 

If you work tirelessly on a design project, you may become tireless and lose creativity.  It’s good to take regular breaks after some work time. You can follow the Pomodoro Technique with  25-minute work followed by a break of 5 minutes. If you find it too short, just double both these numbers. 

 7.Incentivize yourself 

It‚Äôs a well-known fact that rewards help people achieve more goals ‚Äď even if it‚Äôs yourself giving the rewards (interesting, right?). You need not aim for pricey rewards, but you can give anything you enjoy. For example, eat your¬†favorite¬†food, go for a quick walk, host a game night, or¬†watch¬†your¬†favorite¬†show.¬†

 8. Delegate minor tasks 

Many freelance web designers are independent freelancer who works alone. So, to make you productive, you should focus on the main task and delegate minor tasks to your team or outsource them. The reason being it will help you put more energy into the essential tasks, which in turn will help drive your productivity. For example, correcting color, removing background, retouching photos, and similar tasks. 

9. Check design galleries 

Sometimes, you may be looking for some inspiration for your design project. In such moments, you can check out design¬†galleries¬†or samples of others to get some inspiration. If you don‚Äôt know any design gallery, you can check out¬†Dribble¬†or¬†Ulpie, or you can simply search for ‚Äúdesign inspiration‚ÄĚ on Google or Bing.¬†

10. Use graphic templates 

Graphic templates are good for inspiration and great to build on top of. You can always save repetitive work by utilizing one of the graphic templates from the market. Also, you can create your own template and reuse it repeatedly to save efforts and speed up your work, thus improving your productivity. 

11. Use batch processing 

You must learn batch processing as it helps automate a lot of mundane tasks like resizing images, changing¬†image¬†formats, applying compression, and more. Adobe Photoshop and many other design applications support batch processing. Please search online for ‚Äúbatch processing in <YOUR TOOL>‚ÄĚ for details.¬†

12. Create user personas 

A user persona is a great methodology for understanding your target audience or users, which helps you to create great designs. It gives you clarity when solving a design problem. And it’s easy to create them too; you can create personas with little research and help from tools like Make My Persona. 

Web design is a creative and tech job. Client demands web designer to be creative and also has a tech problem solving skill.¬† So, before you accept the project make sure you maintain the client’s expectation.¬† If you want to learn web coding, you can try here .¬†You can also create your freelancer profile¬† on¬† and search projects¬† that fit you.¬†


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