The Remote Work, The New Reality for Pandemic Era That Fresh Grads Must Prepare For

The coronavirus pandemic upended thousands of 2020 college graduates' career plans last year in USA, so how does the job market for the class of 2021 look now? In a nutshell, there have been fewer prospects around the world in the last year, despite most business shifting to The Remote Work as The New Reality for ...

Freelance Marketplaces Trend Creating the Future of Work in India

The demand for recruiting freelancers has increased in recent months like never before in India. Because of the current state of uncertainty, companies appreciate the ability to meet a range of needs. That’s where freelance marketplaces become trend and creating the future of work.

7 Best Software Testing Trends For Freelancers in 2021

The software testing industry underwent major change in the year 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic compelled companies to go digital. The buzzword “digital transformation” accelerated digital transformation in 2020, causing people to migrate it to either an app or software to com...

Pandemic Triggers Freelance Booming in US

With more Americans taking freelance careers full-time and Gen-Z workers turning to independent work because it’s hard to find jobs, freelancing is becoming a far more important contributor to the U.S. economy than in the past, according to new research. And with the pandemic keeping the majority of freelancers fully oc...

You are a Freelancer, and you want to save $800 A Month?  Here is how to do it.

When COVID-19 reared its deadly head at the start of the year, like many fellow Singaporeans, I lost my job. I was retrenched from my position in a travel company in April, shortly after global lockdowns started shuttering airports around the world.

Tips to Settle Into a Workplace After Starting a New Job During the Pandemic

Meeting your new colleagues and being shown around the office is a big part of starting a new job. Not only do you get to see where you’ll be spending most of your days, you also get to make first impressions with your team. But with many people working from home at the moment, starting a new job has been very different...

More Freelance Jobs in the Pandemic and The Trend will Continue

There’s a saying going around these days: The future of work is now — put into overdrive by the pandemic that suddenly transformed millions into virtual workers. But the coronavirus has also accelerated a major shift to freelancing that’s severing ties between companies and employees.

The Upside To Starting A Freelance Business In The COVID-19 Pandemic

With COVID-19 shredding whole sectors of Britain’s economy, certainty and predictability have gone out the window. If you find yourself being either furloughed or sent to work from home, now is the time to seriously explore Freelancing as a viable option. Business confidence is collapsing and unemployment and chronic underemployment are on the...

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