Best Programming Language for Newbie to Learn  in 2021

You may be wondering which programming language to learn if you're trying to advance in your career or change careers entirely. After all, learning a language can take time and resources, so you want to make the best decision possible. You might questioning

Most Difficult and Easiest Programming Languages to Learn 

When you want to learn to code, you must want to have a good experience of it. You want to learn step by step from the easiest one to the advanced one. But what if you wrong in taking programming language?  Instead of creating good memory, you screw up your brain.  Therefore, we

Employers Want Freelance Developers to Have These 15 Technology Skills 

A large number of software developers and engineers are self-employed or work as freelance developers. Some work for a single organization, and others do a variety of jobs for a variety of clients. Regardless of the direction they take, their financial security is depending on possessing the technological skills that empl...

6 Python Packages For Freelance Web Developers

In recent years Python as a programming language has been widely discussed and used by both senior and novice developers. Python is known for its simplicity, quickness, and adaptability. Companies like Google, Spotify, Pinterest, and Instagram use Python to power their software, which is used by millions of people all ove...

Freelancers, Here are the 5 Easiest Programming Language for Mobile Apps

If you are new to programming, and you have interest in creating a mobile application, you also have interest to be a freelance mobile app developer, you must check this. The 5 Easiest Programming Language for Mobile Apps.  

What You Need to Become a Freelance AI Engineer

Over the past few years, substantial development has been made in the areas of machine learning and deep learning, leading to an enhanced environment for AI applications in business processes. Artificial Intelligence is now applying in nearly all fields, such as healthcare, su...

5 Steps to be a Web Developer Freelancer

Let's face it, being a freelance web developer has . First of all, it can be done from about anywhere in the world or even from the comfort of your own home. You will have the right to set and monitor your own timetable, hourly rates and workflow.  Last but not least, software ...

What Are the Best Programming Languages for Freelancing?

For the last two decades, programming has become one of the most in-demand and highly-paid skills, and demand is still growing. Working as a developer also offers a lot of versatility in addition to this demand and success in the industry.  You can work as a freelance programmer and do the job remotely. Now, What Are the ...